In Bremerhaven, the Red Women's Committee held a rally in the working class district of Lehe on the 8th of March, the international women's struggle day. The rally was marked by the war that the Russian imperialists unleashed against Ukraine on the 24th of February. With the slogan 'Women to the struggle! Down with the imperialist war!' they clearly positioned themselves against any war waged by the imperialists.

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Speeches condemned both Russian imperialism and its war of aggression, and Yankee imperialism, which has provoked the war. The murderous plans of German imperialism, which is now using the war for its own purposes, were also denounced, especially the massive rearmament of the Bundeswehr and the transfer of troops to Eastern European countries like Slovakia. The passing on of the costs of the war to the working class was also made the theme of the rally in speeches.

Some people from the neighbourhood who had heard about the rally before came to the rally to oppose the war. Again and again, people passing by joined the rally, gladly taking the red flag with hammer and sickle or signs with slogans against the war. Young and old welcomed the action. The great response to the rally shows the workers' rejection against the war and against the imperialist system.

The rally was a part of the struggle against the imperialist war, against all imperialists and for the friendship of the peoples and proletarian internationalism. No war of the imperialists will ever be in the interest of the working class. Every imperialist war must be condemned and opposed, every rearmament of the imperialists must be denounced, and that the workers and the people should bear the cost of their war must be rejected. There is no room for play here, here it is class against class and war against war, because only the smashing of the imperialist system will bring peace.


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