Food, heating oil, gasoline - prices are rising noticeably everywhere. The working class is hit hardest, as wages, as always, are not keeping pace. The immediate response is clear: fight for wage increases. A hot fall is approaching.

The yellow unions Verdi and GEW are calling for strikes in numerous public sector companies and institutions in the coming weeks. In Berlin, public sector employees are striking schools, daycare centers and offices. A first warning strike gathered 6,000 people in front of the Brandenburg Gate on Thursday, the next one will take place on Nov. 17. In addition, since Wednesday, there is an eight-day strike of the Kindergartners of the AWO, who receive 7% less pay than educators working for the state. Next week, bus drivers in Baden-Württemberg will also strike. In addition, there are many ongoing class struggles in the retail sector.

However, the demands of the yellow unions are often limited to wage increases in the low single digits. This means that successful strike once again just compensate for inflation and in no way bring about real wage increases. This vicious circle of DGB (Federation of Trade Unions) social partnership must be broken. For this we need red trade unions that put the interests of the workers first in the day-to-day struggles and consistently enforce them. For this we need the Communist Party, which connects struggles for wages with the struggle for power, So that we do not have to fight again and again for wages that are just enough to live on.