We heard about, that at October 3th, so called „Tag der deutschen Einheit (Day of German unity/national celebration day) proletarian revolutionaries has carried out in the a mural at a school in the workers quarter Essen Altendorf. The slogan of the mural is “Death to German imperialsm!” and “Down with the Day of German unity!” On the left side there is a burning flag of the FRG and on the right side is a hammer and sickle.

3.Oktober Essen Altendorf 2


Altendorf is a quarter with a high rate of migration. Lots of people know the result of german imperialism from their own live. For the german imperialism is that no reason to stop indoctrination to bind the people to the system. At the schools the state wants to teach the youth to be “good Germans”.


3.Oktober Essen Altendorf 3