On September 24, a group of proletarian revolutionaries from Turkey and the FRG carried out a combative manifestation within close proximity to the Peruvian consulateinDüsseldorf. In different speeches, the organizations hold onto the great work of Chairman Gonzalo, his leadership and his contributions to Marxism, Gonzalo Thought.

Aktionstag Gonzalo Düsseldorf 2
Aktionstag Gonzalo Düsseldorf 1

Aside from the various speeches, the international declaration for the day of action by the Communist Party of Peru and the Communist Party of Brazil, aswell as thespeech of Chairman Gonzalo was read. The local climate strike rally moved by the manifestation and someparticipantswere interested in listening to the speeches. After the manifestation, the participants walked to the Peruvian consulate together and chanted the slogan “Honor y gloria al Presidente Gonzalo!”


On September 25, a group of proletarian revolutionaries from Turkey and the FRGvisited the yearly commemorationrally for Ivana Hoffmann. Ivana was a young revolutionary from Duisburg, she died in 2015 while fighting ISIL in Syria.Every year, different international parties and organizations organize a festival in honor of Ivana Hoffmann and her greatfightingspirit and determination. With a combative character, the rally moved to the port of Duisburg and ended at the garden of memories at the Ivana-Hoffmann-Festival. During the rally, a banner on theoccasion of the international day of actionreading the slogan: “Eternal glory for Chariman Gonzalo” was carried and combative slogans for Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru were chanted.


Aktionstag Gonzalo Duisburg 2


Aktionstag Gonzalo Duisburg 3


Among others, Partizan and proletarian revolutionaries from the FRG had information stands set up at the festival. A portrait in memory of the Galican comrade Martin Naya was showcased at the second stand. There, many discussions surrounding the murder of Chariman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru were held. In a speech by young Turkish comradesit was said that Chairman Gonzalo taught us that class struggle makes revolutionaries brave.


Aktionstag Gonzalo Duisburg 1


Aktionstag Gonzalo Duisburg 4


Aktionstag Gonzalo Duisburg 5



Finally we want to share photos from the Turkish province Muğla that were send to usin connectionto the day of action. There, a banner was hung up reading the slogan: “Baskan Gonzalo`ya seref ve zafer(in english “Honor and glory for Chairman Gonzalo) and hammer and sickle.


Aktionstag Gonzalo Türkei