On Friday the 24th of September, revolutionaries in Bremen held a presentation on the occasion of the International Day of Action for Chairman Gonzalo on the speech he had given on that day 29 years ago, 12 days after his arrest by the old Peruvian state. Among others, the Red Collective Bremen had mobilised for the event.

The presentation emphasised the great achievements of Chairman Gonzalo for the world proletarian revolution, the great achievements that the Peruvian people could gain through his leadership, his unbreakable fighting spirit and, with the occasion of the anniversary, the importance of his speech as a shining weapon in the struggle of the communists. It also denounced the crimes of the Peruvian reaction and imperialists against the masses and the people's war and their hopeless plans to try with great effort to make his thought follow his physical destruction after 29 years of continuous murder in isolation. Chairman Gonzalo's speech was shown in its entirety, as were excerpts from the films "People of the Shining Path" and "You must tell the world" about the work of the Communist Party of Peru and the struggle of the Peruvian people.


Vortrag Gonzalo Internationaler Aktionstag 2021 Bremen II


The presentation concluded with a screening of the recently released video of the International Demonstration in honour of Chairman Gonzalo in Hamburg on 18th of September, before a longer discussion developed due to interested questions from the audience, in which the universality of the necessity of revolutionary violence, especially in its highest form, the people's war, was highlighted.

In the run-up to the event, some reactionaries, probably from the "blue-white" corner (the so-called "Antideutsche"), had begun to make propaganda against the event and Chairman Gonzalo and to spread lies on Twitter. In doing so, they also reproduced the email of the Red Collective with the call for the event, which they wanted to use as normal to sow splits in the revolutionary movement, to stoke problems that do not exist and in doing so to directly attack Chairman Gonzalo. This stands in the usual tradition of the police work that these elements carry out. These elements are basing in all points on the lies of the imperialists and their Peruvian lackeys who have committed a massive genocide in Peru, and especially now after the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo, are again stepping up the infamous attempt to portray him as a mass murderer.


Twitter Reaktionäre Kommentare zum Aufruf des RKB zur Veranstaltung am 24.09.2021


(„Content Note Murder Purges

And it is this same collective that holds memorial services for a Maoist murderer in Bremen's leftist centres.“)


However, they did not dare to openly show their faces at the event. And as always, the question is not whether they are intriguing or lying behind the backs of the revolutionaries, but which ones and how to try to obstruct the work of the revolutionaries.