Until now the cost to park the car outside for residents has been limited by the German state to 30.70€ per year. This limitation is now to be lifted and for example the city council of Freiburg is prepared to hike the price from 30€/year to 30€/month.

A place for the car may cost from one day to the next 12 times what it used to! As a reason, the city cites climate protection. The fact that local transportation just got more expensive just shows the hypocrisy. This year a basic monthly card got more expensive.

Who is targeted by these measures? Those living in apartments for rent who have no garage for their car but depend on it. The masses who need cars to get to work. This does two things: on one side, the working class is further extorted in times of crisis, on the other side they want to guilt our class for climate change, after the saying “Every individual can do their contribution”. As if we had the control over the imperialist system, it lies by the bourgeoisie. As if we didn’t need cars to get to work, should we trust the Deutsche Bahn to get us to industrial zones on the countryside? This is a joke with a company who prefers to let their systems go to waste and then replace them instead of properly maintaining them – this way the state pays them. If we look around us and criticize consumption with the goal of preserving the environment, we will not find a solution, we are just getting poorer. We need to beat up, not kick down. Only then we will be able to provide justice for everyone and take care of the environment.

To cycle in the rain, buying organic or get warnings/lose the job because of delays cannot be the solution.