On May 15, a rally took place in Freiburg against the ongoing expulsion of palestinians from their homeland.

Already in advance, the rally faced massive hostility based on fabricated accusations of anti-Semitism against the organizers. Among other things, it was claimed that the rally on Old Synagogue Square was a deliberate provocation and that its interest was not at all to draw attention to the massive oppression of Palestinians, but merely to incite hatred against Jews. A statement by the organizers clearly positioning themselves against any hostility towards Jews did not stop apologists of Israel's occupation policy from slandering the rally from the outset. The current outrage over a rally of leftist Palestinians is particularly cynical in light of the silence of many actors about the presence of actual anti-Semites in the square as part of the rallies of conspiracy theorists.

In the end, the rally was held without any major incidents, despite two counter-rallies and a massive police presence.

Speeches were delivered in Arabic, English and German and the spirit on the square was combative. Again and again, masses shouted loud slogans.

The speeches were given throughout by revolutionaries and progressive forces and were greeted with great enthusiasm by the masses present.