We document the english translation of the solidarity declaration with the revolutionary peasant's movement in Brazil by the Alliance against Imperialist Aggression.


Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land in Brazil!
Down with the attacks of the state on the revolutionary peasant's movement in Rondônia!

All over the world, the imperialists and their lackeys unleash attacks on the peoples of the world. They overwhelm them with hunger, misery, displacement, genocide and war. Every day we can see from here how the subversions and troop deployments of the imperialists and their lackeys cost the lives of thousands of humans. And how they do everything to save their rotten imperialist system from imminent downfall. That is why they unleash their murderous fury especially against those who fight for the overthrow of imperialism.

This is the case in Brazil, where the revolutionary peasant's movement has been fighting for many years to give the poor peasants enough land to live on. One federal state where this movement has a particularly long militant tradition is Rondônia, in the western part of the Amazônia. Here, the peasants have been fighting for a long time against the big landowners, who have huge estates they call haciendas, and the Brazilian state. That is why the revolutionary peasant movement here has long been subjected to murderous attacks by the big landowners, through their armed mercenaries, and by the state with its military police. In August 1995, the occupation of the land at the Hacienda Santa Elina here ended with a massacre known as the "Massacre of Corumbiara." However, the poor peasants did not let this get them down, and only last year the land from which they had been evicted at that time was reclaimed.

In addition to the struggle of the poor peasants in the countryside, the situation is worsening throughout Brazil. If Brazil was already an exploited and oppressed country before, this condition has worsened with the installation of arch-reactionary Jair Bolsonaro as president. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, he has done everything possible to prevent the fight against the virus, which has now cost the lives of over 300,000 Brazilians. For this reason, the country's revolutionary movement organized health committees to protect the health of the Brazilian people through their own efforts. In the economic crisis currently afflicting the imperialist system, poverty in the country has tripled. In the chaos caused by Bolsonaro, some big landowners felt motivated to increase their lands even more, they called for "days of fire" and burned several square kilometers of jungle. The people are being pushed to the edge of existence by the imperialists and their lackeys.

In this economic and political situation, the government of Rondônia is preparing a new massacre against the poor peasants on the land of Hacienda Santa Elina. The Secretary of Security there, Cisneiro Pachá, better known to the peasants as "the Butcher of Santa Elina," was already involved as an officer in the 1995 massacre and commanded the murders and torture carried out against the peasants. The governor of the state, as a colonel in the military police, is also very familiar with the fight against the revolutionary peasant movement. In recent days, there have been increased attacks on the residents of the Manoel Ribeiro camp, which is organized by the "League of Poor Peasants" (LCP). Even children are not safe from police attacks, suffering poisoning from tear gas and injuries from rubber bullets. Fire was opened on unarmed families. The entire region is under siege and access roads are blocked so that no outside rations can reach the residents of the camp, even vaccinations against Covid-19 in the region had to be stopped. It is clear that a new massacre is brewing.

For this reason, we call on all anti-imperialist and democratic forces to express their solidarity with the revolutionary peasant's movement in Brazil, to condemn the preparation of the massacre and to denounce the crimes of the Brazilian state, thus fulfilling their internationalist duty. Let us not give the Brazilian state another opportunity to shed the blood of the Brazilian people with impunity!


Long live international solidarity!
Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant's movement in Brazil!
Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world, unite!

Alliance against Imperialist Aggression
April 2021