On the 5th of December, about 2000 people participated in a demonstration in Hamburg, which was against the "Rondenbarg-trial". At G20 in July 2017, there was a spontaneous demonstration on its way from the protest-camp to the city center of Hamburg. In the street of "Rondenbarg", the police attacked the demonstrators. Now some of the demonstrators should be trialed with high jail sentences, only for participating in the demo.

Demonstration gegen G20 Prozess in Hamburg



On the 3rd of the December 2020, the trial against the accused has started. This trial is part of the witch-hunt, which has been going on for almost three and a half years now, against revolutionaries and struggling masses, who fought in the streets in July.


As with the Rondenbarg process itself, was tried in advance to criminalize the demonstration and the demonstration at all. In addition to the state of emergency and the police presence, which led the demonstration the entire time in the trellis, also the "Verfassungsschutz" also called against the demonstration: "Everyone who participates in this demonstration makes himself common with violent left-wing extremists". Undeterred by this, the demonstration made a clear, powerful statement against repression and for solidarity.


Especially now, when those in power develop white terror, may it be in Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin or anywhere else in the FRG. The revolutionary movement has to stand together against this repression, despite of their differences. At the demonstration against repression, there was also a banner held with the slogan: "Against the police state FRG: fight and struggle!"