After the German police force got new spy software to decrypt encrypted communication, the German government also wants to equip intelligence (Verfassungsschutz, BND, MAD) with this tool.

With this new “state trojan” it’s possible not only to spy ongoing communication, but also shine through older chats and e-mail communication. Originally this surveillance should only used by the Federal Criminal Police Office to track „heavy crimes“. From now on even journalists aren‘t protected. Source protection in digital communication isn‘t guaranteed anymore, which is an attack on press freedom.

Online Überwachung

In contrast to the police force the intelligence service don’t even need a judicial decision to spy on the people. The Verfassungsschutz itself can decide when the use of this trojan plus is legit. They should only be controlled by a parliamentary control body, which - as a committee of the bourgeoisie - has no interest in hindering the surveillance of the masses. From now „Thoughts are free“ is history to Germany, even bourgeois civil liberties dont count for this state anymore. Its long time known that the security of encrypted chat apps is a deceptive one. Now here is one reason more to get rid of them if secrets should stay secrets.