On July 2, the police carried out  9 house searches in the state of Baden-Württemberg. A DNA sample was then taken from almost all affected. Most of the affected have been released since then, but the anti-fascist Jo is still in jail in Stammheim. The cops use a confrontation between anti-fascists and activists of the fascist pseudo-union "Zentrum Automobil" as a pretext. This right-wing association is home to members of the terrorist Blood & Honor network, the Identitarian Movement and AfD, as well as supporters of the NSU.
JoThe above-mentioned attack was carried out on the fringes of one of the so-called "hygiene demonstrations"  in Stuttgart. Thousands of people had gathered here under the name “Querdenken 711” to demonstrate against the so-called “Corona restrictions”. The organizer did not bother to draw a line of demarcation towards the right and so from the beginning organized Nazis and members of the AfD and the Identitarian Movement were an integral part of these demonstrations. Therefore, anti-fascist protests were developed that consisted of several forms of action; Educational work such as distributing leaflets, posting posters, but also targeted attacks against fascists.
It is obvious that the above-mentioned confrontation only serves as a pretext for the arbitrary criminalization of anti-fascism. Proceedings are still being conducted against people who were demonstrably not at the scene of the incident. Although the public prosecutor's office has meanwhile had to admit the innocence of a defendant, the proceedings against him are continuing. The reason for this? In the past he has researched, among other things, the new police law in Baden-Württemberg and fascist terror networks in the state apparatus. The police almost exclusively seized usb-disks in his apartment. This is certainly not a coincidence, which he himself also expressed in an interview
The anti-fascist struggle is justified and necessary everywhere. It should therefore be self-evident for every anti-fascist, revolutionary and generally every progressive person to show solidarity with all accused anti-fascists. The house searches carried out are a state attack on the anti-fascist movement and an expression of a reactionary campaign by the German state, which, in view of the worsening economic crisis, has ever greater problems in keeping the resistance of the masses in check.

They targeted some, they meant us all.