Last Tuesday the biggest “Anti-Terror-Practise” in the history of the German police was conducted in the downtown and harbour area of Hamburg. A total of 850 police forces participated in the deployment, part of it were 100 Special Forces among them the GSG9. Additionally 150 extras participated as victims of terror attacks played by police students and actors. The police did not announce the practise beforehand, allegedly to conduct it under realistic circumstances. The “Anti-Terror-Practise” had four different scenarios, the last one ended in an action movie like attitude with a Jet-Ski chase. Around 6 pm the whole rumpus ended and police president Ralf Martin Meyer presented himself satisfied. Of course the whole downtown area was affected by great obstructions of traffic until the end of the practise.

Police spokesperson Timo Zill justified the practise. He said there is a danger of terror attacks everywhere, also in Hamburg. “To be able to prepare for such a thing we need the most realistic scenario as possible” said Zill. But the real reason for a practise like this one is another. It is only conducted under the cover of such a big alleged terror threat to make it seem legitimate. The purpose of such a rumpus is to make the masses in the FRG accustomed to heavily armed Special Forces units in the streets. This way it is meant to become normality for the masses to see cops armed with assault rifles. The rulers prepare themselves for counter-insurgency to suppress the masses when they shall start to rise up in rebellion. Measures like this one show what kind of force is inherent in our class. The rules are aware that we shall resist sooner or later so they do anything to defend their power.

aufstandsbekämpfung in hamburg