In Hamburg the "League against imperialist aggression" organised the internationalist bloc on the DGB demonstration, which once again led to the Fish Market of Hamburg, where the social fascists of the yellow trade unions and the SPD organized an election campaign for the upcoming elections in September. The internationalist bloc, with 1500 participants, opposed this with proletarian internationalism and a combative mood. As in the previous year, the front transparent of the bloc read, "Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world, unite!" There were mainly revolutionaries from the oppressed countries, especially from Turkey, sympathizers of ADHK, ATIK, the People 's Front, the Palestinian liberation struggle and the struggle of the peoples of Latin America. But there was also a greater participation among the revolutionaries from the FRG than previous years, which shows that the struggle for the realisation of proletarian internationalism and against its degradation to an empty phrase is an important contribution to the struggles in the oppressed and the imperialist countries. It also involved a collective of workers, who denounced the working conditions at DHL with their own banner in the front block. In the speeches held, imperialist aggression, particularly against the countries of West Asia, were repeatedly condemned. The meeting of the imperialists and their lackeys in Hamburg in July at the G20 summit was rejected and the bloc made it clear that the anti-imperialist forces of the city are willing to bring the joint protest on the streets. The determined and united appearance of the block also prevented the uniformed minions of the reaction from dubious attacks as as they did last year.

Hamburg BGIA 1Mai2017 international
InternationalHamburg BGIA 1Mai2017 frauen
Hamburg BGIA 1Mai2017 jugend
Hamburg BGIA 1Mai2017 massen
Hamburg BGIA 1Mai2017 arbeiter
Hamburg BGIA 1Mai2017 zukunft


From 1pm, a few hundred people gathered in Magdeburg on Olvestedter Platz for the 10th revolutionary May 1st. Some of the protesters came to the location which was decorated with revolutionary symbols united, shouting slogans. Speeches were held by various organisations from various parts of the revolutionary movement, including the upcoming anti-G20 protests, the need for the reconstitution of the Communist Party in this country, the revolutionary and prisoners of war, particularly in Turkey, and also specific problems of the region, such as the ongoing repression or the "rents down, wage up" campaign. There was revolutionary music, slogans chanted and there were also games for the youngest, which were willingly accepted. Comrades from various cities out of at least three federal states attended at the revolutionary May Day. Following the rally, a demonstration (unannounced for the first time) took place in Magdeburg. It have been mainly young comrades who took the street. The powerful demonstration on which many revolutionary, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist slogans were called, attracted many pedestrians. The pigs were peculiar reserved and after the end of the demonstration were once again "Infoladen bleibt!" was underlined, there was a celebration on the street.

Magdeburg 1Mai2017 antimilitarismus
Magdeburg 1Mai2017 Demo


The splintered state of the revolutionary movement in Berlin unfortunately showed very clearly this year through the fact that several "revolutionary / internationalist / red" May Day demonstrations took place. The absence of a force that is able to unite all the revolutionary forces of the city in a demonstration became particularly obvious this year. The comrades from the Internationalist Collective Berlin and the Red Women's Committee of Berlin have participated in different demonstrations in order to create unity with the diverse panorama of revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces. This year, in Berlin, an organized and expressive presence of comrades, who are struggling for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany, was an important thing.

Berlin 1Mai2017

We hope to publish reports about Bremen and other cities soon, here is an overview of demonstrations in the FRG. Tomorrow an international overview will follow.