New Delhi, 06.10.18

TheHindustan Times newspaper reports that the PLGA (People´s Liberation Guerrilla Army) has launched an offensive called "Ghamasan" to confront the government offensives of the "Operation Samadhan" last year and this year, which aim to stop the expansion of the Maoists.
The information is based on a document, 11 pages, dated June 25 and published by the Eastern Regional Bureau (ERB) of the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist).

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In general, the Ghamasan operation focuses on the idea of combining "armed struggle" with "mass mobilization" and opening new fronts of struggle while remaining focused on "self-rectification". It emphasizes the intensification of armed struggle by arming more people and increasing the power of weapons. The document urges students, intellectuals, cultural activists, workers and farmers to focus on the construction of the "broad anti-fascist front" against the genocidal government of Narendra Modi.

 "Our appeal to the members of all levels of the party committees, the Guerrilla Army of Popular Liberation and the Popular Revolutionary Committees (self-government of the Maoists) is to fight on the basis of the class struggle and the right to free determination of the people. "Our appeal to the great masses, including workers, farmers, students, youth, intellectuals, journalists, cultural activists and women, is to unite all anti-fascist forces," says the publication. Circulating in parts of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal since August, it also emphasizes the need to strengthen "united front activities." This refers to joint activities with other democratic and legally functioning organizations.

with information from Dazibao rojo.