In the recent weeks, alleged members of the oppressed Rohingya, a Muslim minority, have carried out several armed actions against the reactionary state in the Rakhine State (administrative region) of Myanmar.

Despite the peace negotiations suspected members of the Taliban have killed at least 18 soldiers in two separate attacks on Wednesday.

In another attack by so-called "Islamists" in the south of the Philippines, two members of the police forces were killed and two others were wounded.

Also last week there were mass struggles and armed actions in the Indian-occupied part of Kashmir.

During the weekend, protests against the economic misery of the people led to fierce fights between the masses and the security forces.

In the following we want to give a short overview of the actions in People´s War in India in the last days.

On June 08, clashes between masses and security forces erupted in Kathmandu during a demonstration against the lock down which was imposed on March 24.