Around last weekend, further commemoration ceremonies of the TKP/ML took place in Europe in 21 cities in honor of the fallen Turkish comrades Nubar and Rosa. The actions in Hamburg and Cologne were carried out together with MLKP representatives in memory of MLKP commander Koray Aspir, who died on 28 August. In Hamburg, the event ended with a film screening, in Cologne, Maoist forces from the FRG also participated with a statement. In both places, there was a minute's silence at the beginning and musical contributions were made at the end.

                               Gedenkveranstaltung Nubar Rosa Hamburg OK

Meanwhile, the Turkish reaction continues its bloody offensive against the TKP/ML, the air strikes against the areas of the TIKKO guerrillas. It is believed that comrades Ali Kemal Yılmaz (Özgür) and Gökçe Kurban (Asmin), TKP/ML TIKKO guerrillas, were killed in the bombing in Dersim between the regions Ovacık Büyükköy and Hacıbirim between October 2 and 4.