In March 2016, the agreement between the EU and Turkey to curb "illegal migration" via the Turkey-Greece route was signed. It commits Turkey, for instance, to "repatriate" every migrant who flees to the Greek islands by the illegal route. In return, the EU is to "accept" one Syrian living in Turkey for every Syrian deported there. The EU will pay for these measures financially, i.e. by agreement also for the care of Syrian migrants in Turkey.

The figures for the EU in mid-2020: Since the agreement was reached, almost 27,000 people from Turkey have been resettled in the EU, while Turkey - the blame lies with the "slow-working Greek authorities" - has not resettled 3,000 back from the Greek islands. The figures are misleading. Officially 3.6 million Syrian refugees currently live in Turkey. The Syrian migrants are aware of the fact that the agreement is intended to deport every migrant who enters Greece "illegally" from Turkey, i.e. with the accompanying lack of perspective, and so the attempts to flee to Europe via this route are relatively reduced. What will happen now? Because of universal scapegoat Corona, repatriation to Turkey has been stopped. Nevertheless, the Greek borders remain tight, and the consequences are revealed in the appalling conditions in the Moria camp. A case that should also be a deterrent. This is how cruel the main responsibles and profiteers of the EU and its hegemon, the FRG (which is largely responsible for the situation in Greece), show themselves when, especially in the economic crisis, the need for cheap labor is satisfied.

Meanwhile, Turkey continues to make its claims of ownership clear with several research vessels; military exercises at sea are being continued. Here the contradiction between imperialist and oppressed nations, there the inner-imperialist contradictions. Even if the imperialists temporarily manage to make the situation a little calmer for them, they will not be able to defuse the situation. The contradictions remain and continue to develop; the 3.6 million Syrian migrants in Turkey are staying, growing and experiencing more and more misery, the masses in Moria are rebelling. The imperialists have dug up the battlefield at the gates of Europe, they must live with the consequences.