Masses attacked and stormed a toll station in Lakhanpur in the district of Kathua in in by the Indian state occupied Kashmir, after local youths were assaulted by employees of the Indian state.


The incident occurred on Monday night, previously two or three youth were beaten up with baseball bats after a disputed over the payment of tollfees. The news spreads like wildfire and people gathered at the scene, shouting slogans and destroying the toll collect cabines. According to reports of the Indian newspaper “Hindustantimes” two of the personnel, who assaulted the youths, were punished by the masses. The authorities had to deployed paramilitary forces in large numbers to control the situation.


Locals vandalize Lakhanpur toll plaza after three youth injured in clashes  | Greater Kashmir


Two weeks before combative protests against the opening of another toll station, also in Lakhanpur, were held by masses. As the demonstrators approached the station they were attacked by security forces and resisted, there were several arrests.


Amid protests, NHAI makes Lakhanpur Toll Plaza operational


The district commissioner said that following the incident prohibitory order of assembly of four or more people, have been enforced in the area. This will probably also have to do with today's first anniversary of the abolition of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which gave Kashmir at least some autonomy.