On Monday, July 27, renewed combative mass protests against the puppet government took place in Baghdad, in which reactionary forces killed two protesters.


The demonstration march started from the Tahrir Square and were instantly attacked by police forces, which tried to stop and disperse the crowd by the use of tear gas grenades. But the masses didn´t accept these attack and responded with stones and Molotov Cocktails and erected barricades. Two protesters were killed by the hit of tear gas grenades into the face and the neck. According to eyewitness reports the reaction also used live ammunition against the masses.




There are also videos showing protests and actions in front of the airport of the town of Najaf.



Today's protests were the biggest and most combative for months. Since last October anti-government protests repeatedly took place (1, 2) parts of the Iraq, which weakened due to the imposed lockdown and restrictive demonstration prohibitions.