In the last few days the lackeys of US imperialism in Afghanistan have again suffered heavy losses.

On Saturday, police reinforcements were ambushed with an explosive device in in Badakhshan province. The troops were deployed to defend a checkpoint, which were under attack when the explosive device detonated, causing the deaths of eleven security forces.

Blast kills 11 local police in Badakhshan – Afghanistan Times

The same day insurgents attacked a security checkpoint in Kabul’s Gul Dara district. The following encounter lasted about one hour, three police forces were killed.

So far no organization has claimed responsibility for either of these two attacks.

But the authorities claim that the Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on Friday.

An Afghan military convoy were ambushed in the outskirts of the city of Qalat in Zabul province. The attackers triggered a road side bomb, destroying two Humvee Tanks before opening the fire on to the convoy. According to the bourgeois media at least 10 soldiers were killed, other news agencies are reporting about 15 soldiers, that were killed.

Since May this year more than 330 pro-government forces have been killed.