On May 26, the head of the security directorate of Shibam town and four other people were killed in an attack, a few hours later an army command of the imperialist-backed government in Marib province were hit by a missile.

The vehicle carrying Colonel Saleh Ali Jaber and four others were hit by an improvised explosive device. All inmates were killed. The local media did not make it clear who the four people killed were, but it can be assumed that they were also high ranked security forces, as they were in the same vehicle as the Colonel.

Colonel, 4 others killed in Yemen blast

Threw the missile attack eight Yemeni government troops were killed and several others were wounded. Among the killed were also the sons and a nephew of the Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz.

Missile attack on Yemen army base in Marib kills seven

Since 2014, the Yeminist people are resisting fiercely against the imperialist aggression and occupation of their country. According to official statistics, tens of thousands of people have fallen victim to the imperialist war so far and millions are threatened with acute death by starvation. And the economic crisis, exacerbated by the Corona pandemic, is pushing the people into increasing misery.