Despite the pandemic, the PLGA, under the leadership of the CPI (Maoist), continues to carry out actions against the old Indian state, how could it be otherwise. The reaction on the other hand tries to use the pandemic to denounce the revolutionaries.

On Tuesday night, March 24, a contractor from Telangana was in Bijapur of Chhattisgarh state was killed. He directed the works of a national road construction project in the region between Cherakdoddi and Bandarpalle. These projects primarily serve the reclamation of the rainforests in order to better combat the People's War and intensify the terror against the people. The combatants also torched two trucks and an earth mover before retreating from the scene.  

On the other hand, the police authorities in the state of Jharkhand, think there would be a quiet ceasefire between the old state and the PLGA. The police and secret service claim that they have not heard of any Maoist movements since the outbreak of the pandemic. That this is complete nonsense doesn't need to be stressed. No pandemic stops the People's War.

In the state of Odisha, the authorities warn the population to avoid contact with the Maoists, as they still move freely despite the curfew and even cross state borders. To back up this very clumsy attempt to separate the party and revolutionary army from the masses, they claim that the comrades are a danger to public health because they wouldn´t have any kind of hygiene in the forests. That this too is complete nonsense is more than clear and the Indian people know this too. But these demonstrates clearly how the bourgeoisie is doing everything possible to benefit from the pandemic.