On Saturday, March 21, the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army under the leadership of the CPI (Maoist) carried out the deadliest action against the old Indian state in the recent years.

The encounter took place at around 1 pm on Saturday near Korajguda hills in Chintagufa area, in the Sukma-District in Chhattisgarh when a joint team of security forces was out on an anti-Maoists operation. The unit consisting of Special Task Forces and District Reserve Guard were ambushed several times. After five hours of intense fighting, the security forces retreated. After Arriving at the base, they had recorded 17 missing and 14 partially seriously injured police forces.  

On Sunday morning reinforcements and rescue teams of the old Indian state reached the place of the encounter and recovered the bodies of 17 state police forces. In addition, 15 automatic assault rifles, including ten AK-47s, were confiscated by the PLGA. According to preliminary information from the Indian authorities, PLGA combatants did not suffer fatalities, some fighters may have been injured.

The Director General of Police (DGP) said: “There were about 300 Maoists who were led by Hidma … We have information that the cadres of other states have also gathering near Minpa,”

These action were the the biggest loss for security forces since April 24, 2017 when Maoists killed 25 Central Reserve Police Forces in an ambush near Burkapal, also in Sukma.