We are publishing an article from the newspaper "A Nova Democracia" from June 10.
Only in May this year, US troops and their allies and their mercenaries committed war crimes on 25 of 31 days of the month in the ongoing war of imperialist aggression in Afghanistan.  According to a  announcement by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban), from June 3, there were 49 different attacks on the people.  Among the long list of brutalities, killings by gunfire and bombing, as well as arbitrary arrests (abductions) by civilians are the most common.
  The Taliban, the strongest representative of the Afghan people against the Yankee invasion, report monthly on war crimes against the civilian population.  If one adds the reports, since beginning of 2019 it has 227 against the people committed attacks of the US Soldiers and their mercenaries. Pivate paramilitary groups employed by the Yankees, are carrieing out unofficial military operations on foreign soil.
  In April this year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected an application to investigate war crimes - abuse, torture and murder - committed by the pro-American forces since 2001.
 The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened to withdraw or deny visas to ICC officials seeking to continue the investigation.  Subsequently, the US State Department confirmed that it had revoked the visa of the Attorney General, Fatou Bensouda, who had applied for the investigation.
  The Afghan resistance does not pause
  Despite the Yankee aggression, the Afghan resistance has not broken.  The Taliban serve to resist the forces of invasion and genocide to drive them out and have won consecutive military victories against the US and its lackeys.  The complete downfall seems to be becoming more and more obvious, so that the US announced at the end of last year the withdrawal of half their troops from the country.
  Despite the decision to withdraw troops, however, the aggression has increased significantly in recent months.  The UN Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA), lackeys of Yankee interests, also reports that the number of civilian casualties by the hands of the occupiers and pro-US forces, due airstrikes increased sharply in the first quarter of 2019 (41% compered with the same  Period of the previous year), as well 85% more due search and destroy missions.