In the Russian semi-colony, Kazakhstan, a new, old president was elected. The election was accompanied by strong protests and sharp repression, because the people of Kazakhstan are not longer willing to accept the bourgeoisie's dictatorship.

The once proud Soviet republic, which quickly fell under the leadership of Soviet social-imperialism, is today dominated by bureaucratic capital, chiefly by Russian imperialism. This is keeping the popular masses in poverty and dependency.

kasachstan 1

In the recent days there have been huge protests and struggles against the elections and the state. In the capital, Astana, thousands of people demonstrated against the election and the repressive state. The various demonstrations were quickly attacked by the police, with the help of truncheons and tear gas. The protesters resisted the state power for hours, resulting in hundreds of casualties and arrests. Also on Monday, there were again huge demonstrations against the election farce, accompanied by new fightings. In total, there were more than 600 arrests and far more convictions, nearly 1,000, by the Kazakh courts, less than a week after the elections. Here the lakeys of the Imperilaists show clearly where they stand.

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Opposition spokespeople said in various interviews with bourgeois media that they want a real election, and none in which the outcome is already established. This is precisely where the problem lies, in imperialism the election result is always fixed - exploitation and oppression.