Since several weeks, the imperialist superpower, the United States, is trying to start a war against Iran. In the last two weeks, imperialist aggression against the Iranian people has become more and more acute, from which German imperialism benefits also.


Since the USA withdrew from the bilateral NPT in late 2018, Iran faces the sharpest sanction in history. Almost no goods can reach or leave the country, including medicines and other vital products.
In the beginning of May, the US relocated the ,,USS Lincoln" aircraft carrier and a whole bomber squadron from the Mediterranean to West Asia, and a week later another warship the ,,USS Arlington" and a missile defense system were sent to the Persian Gulf. US forces have been placed on high alert and, according to the New York Times, 120,000 US-Soldiers are ready to be deployed to Iran. This Friday, the US President declared the national emergency for Iran's alleged aggression, and short-handedly approved $ 800 billion worth of arms shipments to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, all US semi-colonies in western Asia. Among the armaments are engines for F16 bombers, manufactured by the German-French Airbus group.

A war against Iran would be another war that the USA can not win. Iran has a regular army of about 1,200,000 soldiers, in addition to the countless armed people's militia, as well as the revolutionary guards. The Iranian people will resist any imperialist aggression, no matter what it will cost.