The Yemeni war is one of many where German imperialism takes part in open or hidden ways. Even though it does not appear in the official portrait of the Bundeswehr, the FRG does play a role in this war, in which among others the allies of the FRG (through NATO) USA, Great Britain and France take part by „logistical support“.

Yemen ship


In 2018 weapons and other armaments at least in the worth of 418 million euros were exported to Saudi Arabia, and that is just the official data of German companies. Added to this are German weapons, which reach the war in Yemen via third countries and all those which are exported abroad by German subsidiaries. For example, Rheinmetall uses its subsidiaries in Italy and South Africa to make more profit with Saudi Arabia. In this was German financial capital also benefits considerably from the genocide in Yemen. This illustrates the hypocritical double standard of German imperialism, which repeatedly staged itself as the keeper of peace in the world. In Yemen, meanwhile, 20 million out of 29 million people are in urgent need of aid, nearly half a million children are at risk of death due to malnutrition, and more than 70,000 people have already been murdered. In addition, German warships of Rheinmetall are used by the military alliance to maintain the naval blockade against Yemen. This will prevent urgently needed medicines and food from reaching the war-torn people. True to the motto without Germany a war never must consulate again.