During and after the successful Bandh in the guerrilla zones and liberated areas of India, the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, with the support of the broad masses and under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (maoist), has undertaken several actions to further develop and spread the People's War.

On the day of the armed strike, on January 31, the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army carried out an action in which a truck of a construction company was lit and used as a blockade for an important main road.

India truckburn

Construction and telecommunications companies are repeatedly the target of attacks by the revolutionaries and the people. Not because the communists and the masses oppose roads and technical progress, but because these roads are designed to open up guerrilla zones and liberated areas in order to fight the People's War. Similar to the telecommunication facilities, which are primarily intended for monitoring.


On the first of February, a poster of the CPI (maoist) was attached in the village of Pukali in the district of Koraput in the state of Odisha. In this Dazibao traitors are warned not to continue to collaborate with the state. In addition, reactionary elements are warned not to pass themselves as members of the party in order to receive money and other goods from the people, and it called the people to join the mass organisms of the party.

Two police informants were shot dead by members of the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army in the district of Gadchiroli in Maharashtra during the night from the second to the third of February. The comrades left a leaflet informing the people about the machinations of the two reactionaries.


On the fifth of February, a unit of the PLGA charged a bridge construction site on Belghar-Jhiripani Street in Kandhamal district, in the federalstate of Odisha. After evacuating the construction site camp and explaining their concerns to the workers, they set fire to a wheel loader, two excavators, two tractors, and a batch mixer.

India burntruck


In early February, the old Indian state and some of its newspapers reported that a villager named Sukki died in the crossfire during a battle between the PLGA and police units. The incident is said to have occurred in the village of Godelguda in the Sukma disctrict in Charttisgarh. But now several statements of other villagers were published, all of them reported about a "Fake Encounter". Among the witnesses are two women who were also involved in the shooting, one was injured, the other could escape. According to the villagers, the three women were collecting firewood when they came across a police unit that immediately opened the fire. Afterwards, the policemen tried to put on a uniform of the PLGA to the on the ground lying Sukk, what could be prevented by other villagers. According to the security forces, she died in the nearest hospital.
The presentation of this cowardly execution is also supported by an investigation by the AAP, a bourgeois liberal Indian parliamentary party, which comes to the same conclusion.

Like the counterrevolutionary offensives "Operation Greenhunt" and "Samadhan," "Fake Encounters" are a popular tool of the Indian reaction to break the people's struggle. However, they only do the opposite, the more terror they inflict on the people, the more the masses will develop People´s War until they drove away the imperialists and their lackeys.