The Taliban (or Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan), an armed organization that acts as part of the Afghan National Resistance, issued a report on the ongoing war of resistance in that country against the imperialist occupation led by US imperialism. The report on the progress of Mujahideen (combatants) and territorial control from the end of the year, translated into English and published on the official Taliban website on 31 December, is sub-entitled The Year of Collapse of Trump’s Strategy, signed by the Commission for Cultural Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The document states that the year 2018 began with " intense bombardments, military operations and propaganda by the American invaders," but that all were fought to the point of " it ended with the neutralization of another enemy strategy."

The report, which was "based on precise data collected from concerned areas and verified by primary sources, leaving no room for suspicious or inaccurate information," provides a detailed account of the performance of the main Resistance group in Afghanistan in each of its 34 provinces , which in total consists of 388 districts, of which one sixth, formerly in the hands of the USA and the puppet regime, were recovered by the Afghans. Territorial control is displayed on a map.

In the final evaluation of the year, Taliban fighters accounted for 10,600 armed attacks that resulted, according to the document, in the deaths of 249 foreign invading soldiers (USA included) and 153 wounded. Against Afghan troops serving the imperialist occupation as puppets since 2001, 22,500 troops, special forces (commandos), police officers and Arbakis (tribal militias supporting the imperialist invasion) have been slaughtered. Of the enemy contingent, the Taliban reports that 14,000 were injured during last year's actions. It is also pointed out that of the total number of dead enemies, 514 were commanders or senior officers.

The evaluation also provides the number of vehicles destroyed by the invading and collaborative forces, with 3,600 armored personnel carriers (APCs), pick-ups, trucks and other variants destroyed; 26 airplanes, eight unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), 17 helicopters and one cargo plane.

Facing the scenario accounted for by the Taliban balance, the imperialist and collaborationist forces did not present any answer or documents that disputed the referred analysis. On the contrary, Donald Trump, in the days after the Taliban document was released in English, seemed lost.

According to CNN, shortly after the Chief of Staff of the Yankee Armed Forces, General Mark Milley, visited Afghanistan by surprise on January 3, Trump would have praised the invasion of Russian social-imperialism to the same country that occurred in 1979 , without remembering that the Islamic forces that the USA supported in that war were the soil from where the Islamic movements fought by the USA today arose.

Trump also alienated all major parties in the Republic of India, the geographic neighbor of Afghanistan and allied in the war of aggression. "India does not need any US sermons on Afghanistan," an Indian congressional spokeswoman said on their social networks.


Map that accompanied the report, English and parsi legends that indicate: green - 90% ¨C Taliban combatants control, brown - 50% to 90% control, gray - less than 50% and white - no presence of the group.

translated from A Nova Democracia