The Philippine Armed Forces (PAF) has been carrying out massive and offensive bombings since early December in the provinces of Eastern Misamis, Bukidnon and Southern Agusan, in the Mindanao region. The bombings threaten and reach the peasant regions where the New People's Army (NPA), led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (PCPh), is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

A strong military apparatus was mobilized to suppress the guerrilla zones. MD-520 attack helicopters and war tanks were used in bombardments. It was not until early this month that soldiers attacked the area with 14 rounds of Howitzers artillery, and the next day there were 11 rounds of aerial firing of MD-520 rockets. On December 12 there was an increase for 15 rounds of artillery, and on the night of the 13th there were 11 rounds of artillery.

The New People's Army responded to the attacks with guerrilla attacks, resulting in four more clashes with the reaction troops. This resulted in 14 casualties to the soldiers. According to residents of the region, two bodies were found in Barangay Jagpa on December 7. On the night of this day, ambulances entered the Barangay Calabugao region searching for wounded soldiers and 12 were found dead.

Translated from an article of A Nova Democracia Website.