On December 3rd the CPI (Maoist) declared their solidarity and support with plantation workers in Nilambur. The workers who daily work their backs off on the cashew and rubber plantations are mainly tribal people. They represent the oppressed and exploited in India. They are forced, especially in the harvest season, to work countless overtime hours that are not paid. The capitalists constantly threaten to dismiss them if the workers do not bow to their will. And now they are announcing their justified protest against the exploiters, what of course must be supported by the Maoists and must be led by the Communist party into revolutionary paths.


On December 5ththey showed once again that they are serious in fighting the exploiters by killing an owner of a mining company in Dantewada. After that they burned his SUV. The police says that a pamphlet was found near the body in which the Maoists condemn the mining work in the area since the big mining companies destroy the environment in the places where they start their work and everyone who gets in the way of the big profits gets relocated or evicted, for example when they refuse to leave their homes. The Maoists havealready attacked this company before for exactly this reasons. On November 15th they set on fire many mining vehicles and machines engaged in works of exploration of iron ores.


On December 6th December they killed a traitor from Narayanpur in the district of Chhattisgarh who surrendered to the police in 2016 and had now become a deputy sarpanch. Three days earlier they also killed two police informants in the district of Bastar, who had been collaborating with the traitor. Another police informant was identified and killed on December 11th.


The actions against road construction projects continued on December 12th in Jharkhand, when the Maoists burned some tractors. Allegedly, a pamphlet was found that demanded higher wages for the workers.



The reaction obviously has to say something about the vital developments of the People‘s War. For example the president of the “Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) states that: “The conflict with Maoists is likely to develop into one of the most prevalent forms of political violence in the coming days and may spread to other urban cities earlier immune to violence.”Further he says that “Maoists are the greatest threat to internal security of the country”, and that the government “should strengthen its own security forces and state mechanisms to contain the Maoists.” Those statements emphasize that the People’s War is not longer mainly carried out in the rural areas but floods the cities as well. The reaction is preparing itself to strengthen its counter-insurgent warfare. But they failed in crushing the People’s War until now, and they will continue to fail. The oppressed and exploited in the world refuse to be used for the interests of others any longer.