The old Indian state has realized that the poor Indian tribal youth is most likely to join the CPI (Maoist) to fight against their unbearable living conditions. They join the people's war to crush the old Indian state, and to fight for the new democratic revolution. Because if they don’t, they expect nothing but poverty, while they see that the ruling classes, the imperialists' lackeys, are getting richer and give no crap about the people’s needs but steal their lands and continue oppressing and exploiting the masses.

The reaction has now come up with a special move to pacify the justified rage of the tribal youth. They offer programs that allow the youth to get driving licenses, work as nurses or security guards. This short training by the police shall enable the youth to qualify for different jobs and thus erase any reason for uprising. But, of course, these promises of better jobs are pure bribes that are doomed to failure and are part of the war of low intensity. They can’t fool the people.

An example of the “caring for the people” of the ruling classes - among countless others - is the construction of the National Waterway in Khozikode, which will take away the livelihood of thousands of people, 10,000 have to leave their homes for the construction of this big project. Infrastructure, agriculture and fisheries are gonna be destroyed for good. Everything in the sign of "economic development", a “development” that certainly isn’t in the interest of the people. And then, when the masses protest, they always have to be afraid of being marked as Maoists, which means being tortured and killed without compromise. This happened, for example, in Sukma, Chhattisgarh on  August 6th in one of the many "fake encounters" in which 15 villagers were murdered in cold blood by the reactionary forces. The police reported as usual on an encounter with Maoists, which lasted two hours, but in retrospect it was announced that 15 unarmed people were shot in the back.
But the people fight back, they continue to join the people's war, which is led by the CPI (Maoist). Because they are the ones who stand up for the interests of the people, who are fighting to end all exploitation and oppression by realizing the democratic revolution.