Since the massacres of the old Indian state in Gadchiroli in late April (in the current edition of the "Red Post" can be found a detailed report and assessment of events), the reactionary press reports daily about the Maoist developments in India. The CPI (Maoist) is developing strong campaigns and activities to advance the People's War, while the reaction is desperately gathering its forces and attempting to brutally crush the rebellion with psychological warfare (especially lies, as proven through the events in Gadchiroli) and devious actions. At the moment, for example, the reaction is trying to put the masses against the masses by mobilizing tribal youth to fight the Maoists. A special unit, consisting only of tribal youth, is now supposed to join and support the CRPF, the armed forces that mainly and almost exclusively try to fight the Maoists. In addition, they decorate themselves with the fact that this special unit consists even to 33% of women. Apparently they want to pretend that they are not the oppressors they are. As they were in favor of the people and would consider women as equal, as fighters. What they want is to spruce up their image, to put the masses against the masses. They want to overshadow, that the Maoists have always mobilized tribals and women and involved them in the struggle, because they are the ones exploited and oppressed by the old Indian state and the imperialist chauvinists, they are the ones being displaced, raped, tortured and killed. And the masses will always know who really is on their side, who will bring about change and who just wants to use them, just to drop them after they have served their purpose. The masses can’t be confused. And the successes of the CPI (Maoist) confirm that. The Sukma administration in Chhatisgarh said yesterday that half of the “village panchayats” are “no-go areas” for the government due to “Left-Wing-Extremism”, as the reaction calls the People’s War in India .

Here are some other examples of the actions of the last days:

On May 20, the comrades blew up a police SUV, killing 7 policemen and also conquering their weapons in Dantewada, Chhatisgarh. The reaction had to admit that it was crazy to enter an area with so few policemen where the Maoists are very active. 4 days later, they blocked a road in Baliguda, Odisha. On the same day, they also hit the CRPF killing one and injuringanother. Furthermore, they destroyed 4 construction vehicles of a construction company.