After the massacres of revolutionaries in late April, the Maoists in India impressively show through a series of actions that their will to crush the old state and to fight for that purpose with all means remains unbroken.

In the first week of May, two police informers were identified and eliminated. According to Maoist leaflets that were found by the reactionary police, in one of these cases, an informant who caused an encounter in May 2016 through his betrayal, could finally be punished.

In addition, as part of the bandh on May 5 in Andrah Pradesh and direct answer to the massacres, despite increased security measures, a culvert was blown up, destroying a State highway just a few miles away from a CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force, carrying out mainly counter-insurgency operations, that means operations against Maoists) base camp. This attack significantly hampered traffic. One day earlier, two policemen were shot by Maoists in Chhattisgarh.

The reaction is now forced to publicly admit that the "Maoist threat" is by no means in its last breath, from which they tried to convince the people for months. Because the opposite is true. The Maoists are developing techniques to qualitatively improve the fight against the reactionary forces. These are, for example, explosives on arrows (“rambo arrows”), hidden improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and rocket bombs. These have already been used in several successful actions last year. A report that is cited these days by the bourgeois press had therefore to admit an "advancement of their [the Maoists] technical expertise in the field of switches, mechanism for IEDs and projectiles".Indian Maoist improvised weapons

The reaction seems to change their repressive tactics. Instead of neglecting the People's War in India and announcing the imminent victory over Maoism, it’s starting a witch hunt. So far, wanted posters have been published mainly in rural areas of the country. That changed now, as the “Times of India” reports: „With the growing inputs increasing movements of Maoist sympathizers, their front organizations and overground operatives in centres like Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune, the police decided to publish an appeal for urban readers asking them to share information about the top rebels.“. An advertisement heading „give info – earn million“ was published in an English newspapers, aiming to find the „top 5 members of the CPI (Maoist)“ by promising a lot of money to potential informers. This witch hunt proves that the comrades are carrying out their tasks very well and bring more and more distress to the old Indian state.