On March 8th, women around the world waged protests against patriarchy, oppression and imperialism. The activities in India, organized by the CPI (Maoist) directly addressed the violence against women through policemen. Hundreds of women participated. The Maoists claimed that the government uses sexual assault and rape as weapon in their desperate attempts to crush the People's War. The fight against this cruelty of every war and for the proletarian feminism in a part of the world where the People's War is currently taking place upholds the truth that the proletarian feminism is an inseparable part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism and therefore part of the most powerful and universally valid ideology of our time.

The protests of the Maoists differs fundamentally from the bourgeois celebrations of what they call “International Women’s day”. What they do is to focus on the relation between males and females but exclude the question of class and class struggle. They won’t fight against exploitation and oppression, they only celebrate what they call “successful women”, who made their way up to the top and now exploit other women themselves. They organize, for example, safe auto transports for women instead of fighting the roots of unsafe public transport, which is patriarchy and imperialism. In fact, all they want to do is handle the problem not fight it, like the comrades of the CPI (Maoist) do. The bourgeoisie actually wants to tame the women who want to fight and tries to appease them. Because of that they suggested to “celebrate it [the women‘s day] in a special way through different activities like conferences, awards distribution, festivals, fun runs, exhibitions, corporate events, speaking events, concert performances, online digital gatherings,etc.” None of that is what the double oppressed women need, none of that will solve the problems women have to deal with everyday, especially in the oppressed nations. What the women all over the world need is an fighting organization that will set an end to patriarchy and imperialism.