Bourgeois politicians are the enemies of the revolutionary women worldwide!

The disgusting reactionary ideology of the President of the Philippines, Duterte, has revealed itself again. Last week, he ordered his soldiers to shoot female communists into the vaginas.

Because without their vaginas, women would be useless. In the past, Duterte stroked several times by chauvinist statements that often reduced women to birth-machines and sex objects. Torture and rape are experiences made by revolutionary women in every war. This statement against the female communists is just another expression of that. Duterte - like most bourgeois chauvinists - doesn't perceive women as skilled fighters, doesn't understand that women worldwide are double oppressed by imperialism and patriarchy and therefore have twice the reasons to rise up and fight. The underestimation of the power and the anger of women will be the fall of Duterte and all the other bourgeois chauvinists. On March 8th, the international women's day, all revolutionary women worldwide should take a stand against the old order! A stand against exploitation and oppression! A stand against patriarchy and imperialism!