The CPI (Maoist) calls a bandh in Telangana, starting today on February 5, to "fight the fascist repression" of the state of India, as they announced. Because of the announcement a few days ago, the police has intensified their presence and security measures in the district by installing surveillance devices like mobile phone towers and sending extra forces to the area. However, the Maoists were and are well-prepared. For example, the PLGA (People's Liberation Guerilla Army) has, as The Hindu reports, damaged roads and a bridge as well as the comrades secured their strongholds with trenches and blockades of trees.

In preparation of the starting bandh the CPI (Maoist) could successfully perform operations on January 26. They attacked a sand quarry in Bhupathiraopeta by burning four trucks and other machinery to protest the sand-mafia that tries to establish open-cast projects in the area and therefore expel the oppressed people from their land (a goal that even the bourgeois press in India is aware of). Furthermore, the bourgeois press claims that one Adivasi was brutally killed and another one was injured. Not a single word of context, why the maoists should attack members of the oppressed people, was given. That shall imply the brutality of the revolutionaries and is an obvious attempt of defaming the comrades in front of the people. This method is a well-known part of the low intensity warfare established by the Yankee-Imperialists with the aim of demoralizing those who have a reason to fight.