When during the firefights and massacers, committed by police forces in the days between the 24th and 27th of October last year, 31 comrades and young adivasis laid down their lifes in the struggle for a better future, the Indian reaction celebrated their victory like it was the end of the People's War. Today, roughly one year later, the actions and ongoing national and international support of the struggles, show how false their claims have been.

torched cell tower

Although the reaction is keeping the terror against the people in their 3rd Phase of Operation Green Hunt high and despite the atrocities committed in the most recent days – such as the fake encounters committed in the ongoing Operation Prahaar that has started on Monday -  there has been a great number of actions against the police, army, inistutions of the state and big companies, as well as their lackies in the government.

  • On the 8th of October, a police agent was tried and sentenced by a People´s Court in Malkangiri in Odisha, the very place the police attacked the comrades at one year ago.
  • On the same day a local BJP leader was shot in Lachragarh village in the district of Simdega in Jharkhand. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is the ruling party of prime minster Narendra Modi, the party which ramped up the war against the people to today´s level.
  • A day later, on the 9th, two police informers were shot in the village Jetya in West Singhbhum in Jharkhand.
  • On the 12th of October the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army blasted a cell tower of the BSNL-Company, the biggest telecommunications provider in India, and the 7th biggest worldwide.
  • On the 3rd of November the PLGA killed a soldier in an ambush near Binagunda village in the district of Kanker in Chhattisgarh, when his unit was on patrol in Binagunda forest.
  • On the 4th, a police informer was killed in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district.
  • A week before a soldier of the reactionary armed forces got injured when triggering an IED on his patrol in the forest near Telam-Tetam village in Dantewada district, Chhattisgarh.

CPIML Saibaba

Noteworthy is also the demonstration that was organized on the 1st of November in northern India, where the maoist movement is not very strong. Under the just struggle and due to the urge of the masses to support the political prisoner G.N. Saibaba, parties that usually take part in elections and are hence part of the old Indian state, such as the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) – New Democracy and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) – Liberation, were forced to take stance for the release of comrade Saibaba and organised a demonstration, rallying 450 people. In their statement they declared:

“[…] It reflects on how professor Saibaba was a thorn in the flesh to the ruling classes and their pro-corporate policy stooges. In the history of post-independence arguably no intellectual has so courageously and forthrightly defended revolutionary democracy or [the] maoist movement.”