Fighters of the Afghan national resistance, in the bourgeois media often simply generalised as “Taliban” undertook various armed actions and assaults on police and military bases in the south and south-west of the country. Altogether, more than 120 agents of the reaction were killed in less than a week, between 17th and 19th of October.

The most recent action took place on a military base in the south of the country, where the Resistance annihilated 43 Afghan footman soldiers on the 19th of October. The base is located in Chashmo, Maiwand district, in the province of Caandar.

National Resistance fighters used military pickup trucks loaded with explosives to reach targets. The entire training camp at the base has been reduced to dust, according to Dawlat Waziri, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry.

Another significant attack occurred on the 17th of October. The fighters assaulted a police complex in Gardez, Paktia province, and killed more than 60. Among the dead are the provincial police chief, Toryalai Abdyani.

The fighters disguised themselves as police to infiltrate the complex and had three vehicles filled with explosives, among them a truck, to clear the way. They then made an incursion with 11 armed men who fought a five-hour battle.

On the same day, in the neighboring province of Gharzni, 15 agents were annihilated in similar attacks. Counting all the assaults, 120 agents in the service of the colonial occupation directed by the Yankees were annihilated.