In the days following the Day of Heroism last week, new reports and contributions have surfaced from various parts of the world to complement the actions previously reported upon. The following will be a brief summary of the actions that took place:

Comrades from Denmark published the Danish translation of the International Declaration issued on the 19th of June and furthermore took action painting several slogans in support of the People’s War in India. With red paint “Support the People’s War in India”, “Long live the Day of Heroism! - 19.06.1986” and “Free comrade Ajith!” was painted in on the walls if Copenhagen’s streets.

Day of Heroism 2019 Denmark

In Switzerland, comrades published two important documents of the International Communist Movement: The first is the document “Strengthen the class solidarity with the political prisoners and prisoners of war in Peru!” issued by the Peru People’s Movement in June 2010 in commemoration of the Day of Heroism. The second is their self-made translation of the document “To defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo is to defend Maoism” that originates from the comrades in France.

In the FRG a manifestation with anti-imperialist forces from Germany and Turkey was held on the 19th itself in front of the Indian Consulate. In loud slogans and speeches, much to the dismay of the staff of the Indian government, activists demanded the release political prisoners such as G.N. Saibaba and denounced the arbitrary attacks on the democratic and people’s movement. Furthermore the state was denounced for its handling of the prisoners of war in the current ongoing people’s war in India, that are locked away under the most dire conditions, such as torture, isolation and frequent relocations, so no not establish roots in the prisons. In support of this, also a slogan was painted and in the city of Essen, a banner was raised with the slogan: “Freedom for the revolutionary prisoners of war in India”.

Day of Heroism 2019 Germany 1

Day of Heroism 2019 Germany 2

Day of Heroism 2019 Germany 3

Finally, in Pittsburg, a combative action was held outside of Allegheny County Jail in which slogans were shouted and a speech was given as was a small demonstration made to the cheers of people leaving the prison and passers-by. Masked militants in equipped with flags held a banner with the slogan “Imperialism will only Harvest storms – Glory to the fallen Heroes – June 19, Day of Heroism” shouting slogans for the revolution and the initiation of People’s War.

Day of Heroism 2019 US