The following is a short overview of the declarations by comrades for the 8th of march.

In Chile, the Popular Revolutionary Student Front (FERP) reaffirmed its class character and origin, the student movement underscores its commitment to "develop the Popular Female Movement" in the country.

"If the revolutionaries do not mobilize, politicize and organize women, the opportunists and corporations of the old state will do so,"; "We must strive to direct the women's movement to  emancipation of the women, a struggle that the opportunism and revisionism of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois feminism stagnate in electoral farce or bureaucratic protocols."

In Brazil, the Popular Women's Movement (MFP) has launched a bulletin outlining the ongoing revolutionary struggle as a protracted people's war in Peru, India and the Philippines. On the cover, guerrilla units stand out in the respective countries.

In addition to emphasizing the class character of the date and the need to raise the level of politicization of women around the ideology of the proletariat, the MFP denounces the preparations for the counterrevolutionary military coup, expressed in the military intervention that took control of the state from Rio de Janeiro.

In Mexico, the revolutionaries stressed that "for us, it is clear that the struggle against patriarchy is mainly a struggle against bureaucratic capitalism, semi-feudalism and imperialism," since, they conclude, "there will be no emancipation of women without proletarian revolution."

In Bolivia, the newspaper Análisis y Opinión has exposed the systematic violence that women are targeted by, encouraged by the old society and with the connivance of the old state.

The newspaper, however, points out that "a revolutionary position on this subject is different from bourgeois or petty-bourgeois feminism," because it recognizes that sexual oppression is intimately linked "with class exploitation."

"The International Day of Proletarian Women is essentially a communist celebration, a cry of struggle against the old society for revolution and communism," they conclude.

In Ecuador, in a speech held by a comrade of the Front in Defense of the Workers, she expressed: “We do not want roses, we want the shaft to punish those who oppress the people.”