On June 25, police forces murdered three people during clashes over corona restrictions in the town of Lessos Kenya’s Rift.

Angry masses tried to prevent the detention of a taxi driver by police forces for not wearing a face mask. In this confrontation at least one of the deployed police personnel fired several live rounds in to the crowd, murdering a local cobbler.

This reactionary murder sparked further protests and fights against the security forces in Lessos. Barricades were erected, the house of the local police chief were torched and a police station were attacked with stones. During these fights two further people were shot dead by the police.

Of course, the reaction denies the eyewitnesses' reports and claims that a taxi driver tried to snatch the gun from a policeman, which led to the shots being fired.

According to bourgeoisie human right groups 15 people, including a 13-year-old boy, have been killed by police in the last three months while enforcing the new restrictions.