On Thursday, March 19, the heaviest attack this month against the Malian military forces in the ongoing resistance struggle against the imperialist war took place.

Insurgents attacked a military camp in Tarkint in the northern region of Gao, located about 100 miles north of the regional capital and 300 miles east of Timbuktu. During the fight 29 soldiers of the state of Mali were killed.

At the beginning of the month, five soldiers were killed in an attack on a convoy of Malian troops, in the village of Mondoro, in the Mopti region. The attackers fired several projectiles from rocket launchers at the vehicles, later the position of the insurgents was bombed. It is not known if the position was still occupied at that time.

In late February, four soldiers were killed and eight wounded in another attack on a military base in the north of Mali. The attackers also captured several vehicles.

Also in late February, three Irish soldiers were wounded by the explosion of an improvised explosive device. The Irish forces were traveling in a German armored vehicle during a German-Irish Intelligence mission in the North of the capital Gao when the incident occurred.

In the end of January at least 20 Malian soldiers were killed during an assault on  an army base in Sokolo, near the border with Mauritania. Many more soldiers were injured and large amounts of material were destroyed.

Certainly we have forgotten some actions or did not heard of them, but the tendency becomes clear - the imperialists cannot find rest anywhere - their days are counted.