After the airstrike on internment camps for refugees with more than 40 dead people, near the Libyan capital Tripoli, all parties to the conflict deny any involvement in this war crime. It has not been conclusively clarified if the troops of the Libyan unity government, which was brought to power in 2011 by a NATO war, under the auspices of the United States, the only hegemonium and main enemy of the peoples and France. Or if it was the troops of the apostate General Haftar, who is now supported by the US. Both the reigning Libyan president and the former CIA employee Haftar vehemently deny this. While it is obvious that it was the rebel forces that actually wanted to hit an adjacent base of pro-government militias.

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But what is certain is that the main culprit lies with the different imperialist fractions, who accept expulsion, torture and murder in the struggle for a slightly larger piece of the cake, without blinking. This whole desolate situation in the North African state was due to NATO's war of aggression in 2011 in order to oust the then ruler and ally of Russia, Gaddafi. Who was supported by Russian imperialism in the war against NATO. Since then, Lybia has been a completely destabilized country, artificially kept in this situation, to make the people easier to control and easier to exploit. Particularly interesting are the large deposits of oil for the subordinate imperialists. Furthermore, North American imperialism has the great interest to control the country in order to use it as a military bridgehead in North Africa in order to further expand its hegemonic position.

But the imperialist alliance of the EU pursues its own interests in Libya, which brings us in the question of guilt a lot further and provides more clarity. Under the leadership of the FRG, with the strong support of Italian imperialism, the EU has forced the Libyan puppet government to billitarial agreements on the issue of so-called illegal migration. Thus, the Libyan unity government is obliged to do everything in its power to stop the flow of refugees fleeing from terrorism and exploitation by the imperialists, via the Mediterranean to Europe. Therefore, the Italian state also supports the current government, just like the FRG, not so openly, which is another reason for the tension between German and Yankee imperialism.

What is referred to in the bourgeois media again and again as a refugee camp, is nothing else than internment camps, there are large-scale concentration camps for people who have committed the crime to hope for a better life. The refugees are being detained and imprisoned by the Libyan police and the military. These camps are surrounded by high fences with barbed wire and guarded by heavily armed security forces. In addition, the Libyan Coast Guard, in collaboration with Frontex human hunters, is targeting refugee boats, causing more and more bodies in the Mediterranean, the largest mass grave. There are also reports of security guards who reportedly shot dead inmates on the night of the airstrikes. These points show more than obvious that all this misery is due to the profit interests of the imperialist big bourgeoisie of Europe and the United States.

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As a consequence of this, the Libyan unified government wants to close all internment camps and release the inmates. Exact numbers are not known, but it is certain that then hundreds of thousands of people will continue their journey towards Europe. How the imperialists react to it remains to be seen. But surely, their answer will again be directed against the peoples of the world.