The imperialists and their lackey are finding no quiet in Mali. The fight of the Malian people against the occupiers does not stop, on the contrary, it is rising day by day.

At the end of May, after the massacre of 170 nomads, there were mass protests against French and German imperialism. More than 50,000 people took part in the demonstrations, which were accompanied by strikes, e.g. supported by the railway workers. So they pawned some blows to the German and French state . The fight of the people is not limited to protests and demonstrations, primarily it is armed.

In mid-May, on the 14th, 52 Nigerian soldiers were ambushed in the Sahel region on the border between Mali and Niger. The ensuing battle lasted over two hours and claimed the lives of 28 so-called "peacekeepers", which are nothing else than "cheap" ground forces of the imperialists.

On May 19, resistance fighters detonated a pipe bomb on an important main road near the town of Tessalit in northern Mali. In this action, two soldiers from Chad were wounded and a member of the Nigerian occupation forces were killed. 

Only one day later, on May 20, two policemen were shot dead in an attack on a border post on the border with Burkina Faso. The attackers approached on motorcycles and a car and abruptly opened fire on the security forces.

It is clear that what the Malian people need most is the Communist Party, because only the party is able to banish the imperialists once and for all and place the fate of the people in the hands of the people. But even if it does not exist, it does not change the fact, that the struggle against the imperialists of all stripes and their lackeys is more than justified.