On the 14th of January the mass protests that swept over Tunisia in 2011 will have their 7th anniversary. Bourgeois media back then coined the phrase "Arab spring" and exclaimed Tunisia would hence be a "democracy". However, nothing much has since changed its semi-feudal, semi-colonial character and the fact that bureaucratic capitalism still continues to thrive. The people are not better off and are fed up with the illusions spread by the governmental figureheads – this much became very clear in the mass protests and riots that erupted all over the country this week.

Thousands of people from the poor suburbs of Tunis and in cities like Kasserine, Gafsa, Jedaida, Thala, Sidi Bouzid, Kelibia, Tebourba Jebeniana and Sfax took part in mass demonstrations and riots that started the end of last week. Their spontaneous outburst of rage against the austerity measures that were introduced on the 1th of January, making the people’s situation more precarious even more, was further fueled after riot police on Monday killed one protester.

By now, the police in arrest more then 250 people who are fighting against continues tax raises, rising currency depreciation, cutbacks in the social security and health system as well as a massive increase in the prices of essential goods. Protesters in many cities directly confronted the police, torching several of their vehicles, throwing patrol bombs and stones. At least 49 police officers were wounded so far. Most likely, the clashes will continue for at least a few more days, as the 14th marks the 7th anniversary of former president Ben Ali having to flee the country due to massive protests.