Under the guise of the so-called “War on Terror” imperialists, and most notably Yankee imperialism since 2002, frequently carry out military operations in Yemen, describing the country as a stronghold for groups and organisations opposed to their interests. Resulting from the imperialists intervention, Yemen is today considered to be the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula, with tremendous shortages of basic supplies such as drinking water. Despite the war crimes committed by the imperialists and their lackeys however, there is still a continuing struggle against the assaults and invasions. A number of attacks targeting foreign military personal and equipment were conducted last month.

The level of imperialist aggression against Yemen reached new heights during the regency of Nobel Peace Price winner Obama. Under his command the number of US drone strikes increased tenfold and the US-backed alliance of local lackeys, led by Saudi Arabia, was build that later, in 2015, invaded Yemen. Recent numbers suggest, that the roughly around 90% of the people killed in those US drone strikes were civilians, like the wedding party in the central province of al-Baydah that was attacked by a drone in 2013 leaving fourteen dead. Also there are the war crimes of using cluster munition in indiscriminate areal bombardments and declaring densely populated areas into military targets committed by the imperialists lackeys to be considered. Their invasion in March 2015 left at least 10.000 Yemeni civilians dead and worsened the situation of the Yemeni people very significantly through the implementation of import embargos and their enforcement through blockades, leading to the greatest cholera outbreak ever.

But the people resist and although information regarding the resistance against the imperalists in Yemen is sparse, we would like to illustrate some actions from the past months:

  • On the 11th of May a successful ambush against Saudi Arabian forces was laid. Upon entering a minefield near Mocha port in the Taiz province on the western coast of Yemen, they came under fire and 50 soldiers were killed or wounded, thir vehicles destroyed.
  • In June, a large group of Sudanese mecenaries got ambushed and wounded in the Midi Desert of northern Yemen, exact figures about the losses however are umknown
  • On the 19th of July a vehicle of Saudi troops was made to explode by two mines, killing three soldiers, in the central province of Marib in Yemen.
  • In another action on the 14th of September in 2017 a Saudi Army pickup truck was blasted in the al-Aredah area of the Jizan Province in Saudi Arabia close to the Yemenite  border. In this attack the two occupants of the vehicle were killed.
  • On the 2nd of October in 2017 a US drone of the type MQ-9 reaper was downed by an missle. Another missle was fired at the Saudi Arabian territorium and struck in the Jizan region in the south-west of the country.

destroyed car