On January 12, the military police attacked the celebrating masses in Rio de Janeiro.

 During a canreval celebration with almost 300,000 participants at the Copa Cabana, the police forces began to shoot tear gas grenades into the crowd. According to the police spokesperson, the police officers were allegedly atecked with thrown objects out of the crowd before.

Fighting broke out around the festival area, during which police forces were attacked with stones and the windows of a luxury hotel were smashed. Among others, many paramedics took part in the fights against the police. Five vehicles of the municipal police were also destroyed.

This is not the first time that the Brazilian reaction has attacked partying masses to intensify their terror against the people. In December we reported a similar case in which nine young people were killed.



Police officers take position during clashes with partygoers after the official start of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. At least 24 people were arrested

Revelers at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, run for cover after unruly partygoers attacked the police, who then answered by  firing tear gas into the crowd

Police officers detain a man during clashes between police and revelers after the official start of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro