The protests in Chile continue and are intensifying. After fighting took place on 19th October in all major cities in the country, including Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepcion, Temuco, La Serena and Coquimbo, they were also subjected to revolutionary violence despite a curfew imposed by the old Chilean state. The military is in action, was increased by 9,000 soldiers, all without effect.

The bourgeois German press analyzes that the government of Chile underestimated the situation and acted too slowly when the people stood up against the increase in Metro prices. Although she immediately withdrew the increase, the hatred of the masses exploded. But what worries them most is that the reaction cannot control the rebellion of the masses even by opportunistic forces. “But most worrying is that there is no political force to channel this discontent, which comes as a rebellion. The social demands, many of which are legitimate, cannot be fulfilled overnight.” The “opposition" of the landlord-bureaucratic bourgeoisie in Chile does not know how to deal with the crisis.

The comrades in Chile raise the slogan: “This is not for 30 pesos, but for 30 years”. Meaning it is not the Metro prices which were increased, what are the cause of the protest, but the 30 year oppression and exploitation that have continued after the end of Pinochet. They also report that the immediate results of the rebellion are, on the one hand, the reversal of the price increase, but also other examples of how drought-dried rivers can suddenly be used by the peasants of large corporations.

We also share a video from Chile with impressions of the struggles and repression of the old Chilean state: