On Saturday, January 18, a manifestation was held for the political prisoners in Chile who have been imprisoned by the reaction during the most recent protests and struggles of the people. The flags of the indigenous Mapuche, which during the latest protests in Chile became a symbol of resistance, were carried by several participants. Slogans such as “Long live international solidarity” or “Freedom for all political prisoners” were shouted. At the manifestation also several anti-imperialists participated. Newspapers were sold and also issues #86 and #87 of the Newspaper “El Pueblo” from Chile were distributed. Additionally, they highlighted the imprisonment of the Ecuadorian comrade Cristian Montero and demanded his release. He had been arrested by the old Ecuadorian state a short while back because he participated in struggles against mining. Furthermore, during the manifestation also music from the Chilean revolutionary rapper Bandera Roja were played.